My Love for History

I was never really interested in Social Studies, History, Geography, or Goverment. In seventh grade I was excited to see that my great uncle Henry B. Gonzalez was in our Texas History book. My teacher argued with me, and embarrassed the hell out of me, that he was not at all a relative of mine. I stood my ground, and argued vehemently with her. Of course I was in trouble, and she hated me from then on. I remember going home to tell my grandmother about what happened, and she was madder than a hornet. A letter was sent with me to school the next day to hand to that teacher…she wasn’t happy, but she never argued with me again. Cannot remember that teacher’s name, but I will never forget her face. That incident set a tone for how I felt about learning certain subjects, and for how I felt towards certain teachers. And to think about how young I was at the time. The other thing is that I would get extremely emotional learning about World War II. My father was a Jewish orphan. I’m almost certain he was an orphan of the war based on his date of birth. All of that combined with a mind that runs runs runs around, I just wasn’t interested. It was hard to hold my attention. Strange too, because I am such a curious person. So as I have grown older I have become more, and more interested in history. When I was younger I was mesmerized by my family’s history, and by everything my grandparents would talk to me about. My cousins, and I played in forts. Had more arrowheads than anyone could imagine having. My family has a museum…so cool!! Read about San Ygnacio, Texas…The Uribe Family is my family. I am certain that has everything to do with why I am so curious about so much, and constantly wanting to learn something new. Forever grateful for them, and our family history. I will tell you that if it were not for my husband there is so much I wouldn’t know now. I read about things I never would have ten plus years ago, I watch documentaries I would have never considered watching, and we have conversations about the history of the world. He is a great teacher, and challenges me to reach beyond my comfort zone. Thankful that My G is such a history buff, and that Bug is so interested in history as well. Her mind is a sponge when it comes to history…blows me away. My youngest daughter even challenges me to learn more, and she has since she was five years old. So I welcome all of her questions, and so does my husband. Thankful for that as well. My father always told me there is no such thing as a stupid question. And I always asked a ton of questions. Makes me smile thinking about that. Wish my father was here now so I could ask him a ton more questions.


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