How To Begin Again?

Do you constantly ask yourself, “How Do I Begin Again?”? Or…do you ask yourself, “How Do I Begin At All?”?

This is in regards to a career. 43 is fast approaching and I have never had a career. For my own sake I need a part-time job. I would prefer that job to be something I am passionate about. My days of waitressing and bartending are behind me. At least they are at this point. My days of being a Pharmacy Technician are behind me. Such a shame too because I loved that job. Being a Certified Tech was not a requirement when I held the position. Wish I had been told, “Having your Pharmacy Technician Certification will be greatly beneficial to you in the future.”. I have had my Pharmacy Technician Trainee license and cannot have it more than once. I have not had luck finding anyone hiring a Tech Trainee. Even with ten years experience I would have to start as a trainee. Which is fine. Working for eye doctors was enjoyable. Again, something else I was not required to hold a certification for. Again, wish I had been told I should have it. I can only type maybe thirty words per minute, maybe 40 on a good day. I was never told to take typing class in high school. A class that would actually be beneficial. All of the above that I wish I had been told are obviously things I could have figured out on my own. Should have figured out on my own!

Do you feel the need for a deeper meaning of life? Do you feel the struggle with finding your “purpose in life”? Honestly? I do. I do every single day. That does not mean I have lived my life without purpose or meaning. I have, like most of us, taken time for granted. Time for it all to be spent on only things that matter.

How will I earn at least a part-time income? I am a stay-at-home wife and homeschool Mom. Being able to work from home is ideal. I have dabbled with the idea of a blog/vlog. Perhaps it is time to tap deep into my creative side. I could share my knowledge. I could help others. I could do my work while my daughter is doing her work. I could have fun! There are so many blogs/vlogs out there. What topics would you like discussed?

Here’s to following my passions and discovering my purpose. All while discovering how to earn an income while doing so. Working on living a complete and meaningful life.

All we have to decide is what to do with the time we are given.



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