Lawdy Lawdy Candi is 40!

Ever imagine how your birthday will turn out? Ever wonder about it for years, and years? Well, I have and I did. That doesn’t mean that I expected a lot, or that I wanted a lot. What did I want? I wanted to feel well enough to be happy on my birthday…that happened! I wanted to spend my birthday with my family…that happened. Although one child is at college in another state, and another child is busy with college and work. A text or a voicemail goes a very long way with me! It isn’t every day that I wake up smiling, smile all day, and go to bed with a smile on my face. But I have for the last couple of nights. Thankful!!! Let’s face it…I was the center of attention growing up, and I still am. Do not mean that in a way that is vain, but it’s the truth. Growing up I was the youngest of five, and the only girl. Duh…I had a lot of attention. Now…I’m a wife and a mother, and still receive a lot of attention. Most of which is good and positive. Not that all of the attention all of my life has been. With all of that being said…believe it or not, I do not expect the attention these days. So…when I receive birthday wishes, prayers, good juju, and genuine kind thoughts…I am always surprised. It warms my heart, makes me cry a few happy tears, and always makes me feel wonderful. All of us wish for good wishes, and great days. Shoot…most of us wish for good years. I will take any good year that I can get, but I am also happy with a good day. My G asked me how my last day to be 39 was, and I was happy I could honestly say it was very good. Yes…we celebrate the last day of whatever age we are. It’s usually a week long celebration. I can honestly say that my birthday yesterday was perfect, grand, fun, and blissful. I was over the moon when My G told me we were going to a hockey game. The Ice is and forever will be my first true love. All of my adult life I have wanted to attend a hockey game on my actual bday, and it happened!!! Still smiling about it…we had so much fun!! We danced, we cheered, we laughed, and we made it on the jumbo screen. Oh…don’t let me forget to tell you about the players we saw after the game. My daughter and I were loving life! All around, so far, it has been wonderful turning forty. Another fun thing about my birthday is that it is always within a couple of days of The Super Bowl. We like football, food, and beer in this house. So tomorrow we will continue to celebrate while we are a house divided when it comes to the game this year. We usually are divided with sports teams so watching games is usually a lot of fun. We will clean today so we can chill tomorrow. For now I am not going to think about doctor visits, tests, results, or any of the such. I am going to bask in the celebration of Candi, and just take it all in. Sometimes that’s what is needed! Thank you so so so so much, from the bottom of my heart, for all of the wishes you sent my way. Each wish is felt and appreciated. You know…it feels great knowing you are loved as much as I am. I tend to forget that, and I am definitely going to work on remembering.



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