Very Very Near to That Fab 40

As I grow into my grown up years I am realizing more and more. Yes I have remained a little spoiled brat for 39 years…no worries, I’m not changing. All my life I have very much been a worrier, and a bad one. I’m not saying that I no longer worry, but maybe that I’m handling that part of me a lot better. Learning to choose my battles has been quite the lesson. Most birthdays I have looked forward to, and even more so now. I have surpassed my brother who passed at barely the age of 37, and my father passed at 46 almost 47. So life in numbers means a great deal to each person in my family. Oh, have I mentioned that my beautiful grandmother is 103? Yes…That Is Correct…103! How lucky I will be if I grow to age as well phenomenally as she has.
Well, I know a few things about my view as 40 nears. I have said for over ten years that I will look better in my better 40’s than I ever have. I planned on being that way on the 40th Bday, but my body has had other plans. No fear I have all year! I always knew 40 would be fabulous and I still believe that. I always knew I would be excited to be this age, and I still am. I knew I would have met my Prince Charming, fall in love, and have married him by 40…I have and I did. Thank God for second chances! I knew being 40 with adult children and a teenager would be great, and it is. All of these things did happen, and I’m eternally grateful. Although my road has not been perfect, and still is not, I am learning to love my perfectly imperfect life. I have learned where to find encouragement, where to build strength from, and I have learned how to truly believe. I have learned to forgive, and I’m still learning. With that being said…I have learned who my true friends are. Thank God I finally saw the light in that department of my life!!!! I have learned that I am truly sick, and it is time to seriously listen to my body. I’m learning how to utilize my resources. I firmly believe in always going with my intuition which is usually spot on. My body, mind, heart, and soul have limits that I must stay in tune with. Easy for me to get off track.

What I hope for my fabulously fabulous year of forty….
-To be better with my follow through. Although it cannot be helped at times due to my health.
-Take advantage of every day I have energy, and every day I feel even half way decent.
-To spend more time with loved ones. Everyone leads such busy and hectic lives. It can be difficult, but not impossible.
-Manage my migraines better. Yes…that’s a huge one!
-To read more.
-To travel more. Even if it is only to Ft. Worth or East Texas.
-Try something new every day. I am pretty good about doing already, but could be better.
-Begin Yoga.
-Begin Krav Maga.
-Freshen up my dance moves.
-Plan our vacations now!
-Make it to a few GSW Soccer games!!!!! Road trip or flight…WOOP WOOP!!
-Ice Skate again.
-Save $
-Earn $
-Blog daily!
-Make that permanent lifestyle change I have been gibb gabbing about for seven years.

Sounds like a lot, but it can be done. Certain that isn’t all…just all that has been on my mind a lot lately. I’ll do my best to keep y’all updated on my progress.



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