Oooohhhh The Oncology Visits

A little about today. My first visit to the oncologist was on the 13th, and I had to be back in a week and a half. I believe in a lot of things, and I believe my second visit to the oncologist was suppose to be today. When I was told I would need to be back on the 27th I was taken a back a bit, because today is my brother Michael’s Bday. (He’s been gone 13 years, and gone WAY WAY WAY too soon!) This day is usually spent doing something my brother loved. Anyways…I looked at the nurse and told her the 27th was just fine. I was busy today so I really didn’t have a lot of time to think about my visit. I have also been down for a couple of weeks so I’m trying to feel better. Having to see an oncologist can be a little unnerving, and I was to receive news on labs today. Main reason I was able to keep my cool is because I have a strong support system…Thank God. Worked out that I was able to talk to My Be’Be’, have My Bug with me who is such a great sport, have lunch with Our G, and My G was able to make it to the visit. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous as soon as we arrived. It was nice to have My G there, because he’s the other part of my brain. I forget so much these days. Turns out I have a friend that works at the office which was nice. We caught up and laughed a lot. Then the doctor walks in, and nerves hit hard. Few tears that I was able to hide. Everything worked out to where I was able to start iron replacement intravenously. All of that went fine. Oh, except difficult veins. Took to the third try. Not so good thing is that my white blood cell count jumped quite a bit since my first visit. My white blood cell count has been high for many many years, but not as high as it was today. I go back in a week for another treatment, and hopefully more answers. One step at a time…I understand this is a process. I definitely felt surrounded by great juju! Felt those Angels! I’m thankful that we are getting answers from a terrific doctor who has a great staff. I’m thankful I have such a supporting and loving family! And I appreciate all of you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. & Happy Birthday Michael Leff!!!! We will celebrate our birthdays together forever…I love you!!!



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