Hatred! Do you hate anyone, or anything?? I do & I will not apologize for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In our lives we are taught that hatred is a very bad thing. That it is not right to hate, or to carry hate in your heart. I know what the Bible says about hatred, and that is something I shall deal with. I have one Judge! Things happen in each of our lives at some time, or another that bring up hate in our lives. If it be for a moment, for years, or in our heart…it happens.

Why am I talking about this? Well, something happened the other night that brought up hatred. Some of you already know the story, but I am going to tell it again.

My husband and I were at a Stars vs. Flyers hockey game at the American Airlines Center in Dallas. I am a Dallas Native, and my husband is from Philly. Both of us are very proud of where we are from. I have been a hockey fan since I was very young, and so has my husband. I grew up figure skating, and my husband grew up playing hockey on outside ice. Let’s just say that we are HUGE hockey fans, and so are our girls. Let me say that I do not dislike the Stars, and I have been a Flyers fan since before I met my husband. Always Always Always wanted to watch the Flyers play in Dallas. I have a dear friend who hand picked two of her season tickets specifically for us. She wanted us to attend this game as badly as we wanted to go. Such a selfless, and heartwarming gesture. Yes I was beyond excited that we were going. I painted my nails black and orange, and wore an orange polo. I was so excited I could not stop shaking, and I cried happy tears through the first period. Extreme? Well, I have been told that I am extreme which is fine. I have never known to be subtle. To the game! We are sitting in our seats minding our own business, and enjoying the game. Stars score first then the Flyers scored. I cheered and I got heckled. Okay…it’s a game and I am obviously cheering for the opponent. That’s to be expected…no big deal. 2nd period begins and these two guys are walking to their seats, and the girls in the first two seats behind say loudly how they do not get along with Flyers fans at all. The two guys are now seating behind us, and for the entire second period they talked (loudly) about the things they would like to do to Flyers fans. I can hear them, and the girls next to them. I am not paying too much attention to them. Just so happens to be that I cannot tune out noise, or conversations around me. Stars score and the crowd goes wild. Alright cool…it’s fun because it’s a sporting event. The two guys behind us had walked up at the end of the goal, and one guy pours beer on my back. I could not believe it! I turned to him, and he is looking down at me laughing his head off. He and his friend were obviously drunk, and so were the guys next to them. Nobody apologized to me. If that had happened then it would not have been a big deal. NOW things are no longer fun!  Did I hate those guys? Damn right I did! My husband and I decided to leave. I said a few words to those guys, and they could not even look at me. They could not even look at my husband who happens to be a pretty big man. Who pours their beer on anyone anywhere? Who pours their beer on a woman? What is the point? What were they hoping would happen as the end result? Those questions I will never be able to answer. I do know that we avoided what could have been a very ugly situation by leaving. I hate that we could not continue on with our night, and enjoy the rest of the game. Flyers ended up winning!!!

Let me tell you about some things I hate.

I hate people who want to cause harm to others; bullies; wife beaters; child abusers;.animal abusers; kidnappers; thieves; terrorists.

I hate the drought in Texas; the foundation that is ruining my house; how fast people drive down my street; how bad Rowlett stinks; constant price increase of groceries.

Does this mean I do not have love in my heart?  Not at all. It means I am human.

It is senseless to antagonize someone at a sporting event who is a fan of the opposite team. People have been stabbed, attacked, beaten to a pulp, suffer paralysis, and even killed for liking the other team. Is that okay? Is that what being a sports fan is all about? That is pure hatred!!!!!!


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