Lifestyle Overhaul…How much is too much to share???

This family is long overdue for a lifestyle overhaul. I know I am not alone nor is my family..many of us are living unhealthy lifestyles. I have read several blogs that are about their personal diet/fitness journey. Several I find informational, and entertaining. Then there are some that just do not hold my interest. I personally want to find a way to do this change on my own. What I mean is that I do not want to become a distributor for a product nor do I want to be involved in multi-level marketing. To each his own! If that is what you do, and it works for you then that is wonderful.

Now…I am curious what real people are interested in reading, and seeing. What do you HONESTLY want to learn about the person blogging about their personal diet,¬†fitness, and¬†lifestyle change??? How much is too much to share? I use to be an open book before I learned that being open, and honest is not accepted by all. I share a lot, but there is so much I keep private. Some of these private matters I am wanting, and willing to share. I want to share to help hold myself accountable, and I want to share in the hopes that I can help others. Even if what I have to say, and show helps one person. I am not starting a business, I am not trying to become famous, and I am not trying to embarrass myself. There are several reasons my family needs this change, and I would eventually like to talk about all of the reasons.

With that being said…I am debating on how much I should share. Do I share the transformation photos? My old self would not bat an eye over sharing photos of my body. My body now is not anything I am proud of. As a matter of fact I hate my body, and am quite embarrassed by it. The way I think I look, and the way I actually look are not the same. At one point in my life I loved mirrors and anything that showed my reflection. I even loved my shadow. Well, that is not at all the case now. I hate all mirrors, anything that shows my reflection, hate my shadow, and hate most photos. This change is not so I can only look better, but so I can be healthier.

This is where I would like for you to share your thoughts on the the subject. I welcome your opinions, and I thank you in advance. This has been on my mind for quite some time now, and am working towards this new path.